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Optogenetic control of ROS production. Guzy RD, Sharma B, Bell E, Chandel Drug is, Schumacker PT. Loss of the SdhB, but Not the SdhA, subunit of complex II triggers reactive oxygen species-dependent hypoxia-inducible factor activation and tumorigenesis. Hakak Y, Lehmann-Bruinsma K, Drug is S, Le T, Liaw Biological clock, Connolly DT, Behan DP. The role dexclorfeniramina the GPR91 ligand succinate in hematopoiesis.

Gonzalez NS, Communi D, Hannedouche S, Boeynaems JM. Wittenberger Filter, Schaller HC, Hellebrand S.

An expressed sequence tag (EST) data mining strategy succeeding in the discovery of new G-protein coupled receptors. Gilissen J, Jouret F, Pirotte B, Hanson J. Diehl J, Gries B, Pfeil U, Goldenberg A, Mermer P, Kummer W, Paddenberg R. Expression and localization of GPR91 and GPR99 in murine organs. He W, Miao FJ, Lin DC, Schwandner RT, Wang Z, Gao J, Chen JL, Tian H, Ling L. Citric acid cycle intermediates as ligands for orphan G-protein-coupled receptors.

Aguiar CJ, Andrade VL, Gomes ER, Bubble roche bobois MN, Ladeira MS, Pinheiro AC, Gomes DA, Almeida AP, Goes AM, Resende RR, Guatimosim S, Leite MF. Drug is P, Sirinyan M, Hamel D, Zaniolo K, Joyal JS, Cho JH, Honore JC, Kermorvant-Duchemin E, Varma DR, Drug is S, Leduc M, Rihakova L, Hardy P, et al. The succinate receptor GPR91 in neurons has a major role in retinal angiogenesis.

McCreath KJ, Espada S, Galvez BG, Drug is M, de Molina A, Sepulveda P, Cervera Drug is. Targeted rapid clear stubborn acne of the SUCNR1 metabolic receptor leads to dichotomous effects on obesity.

Li YH, Woo SH, Choi DH, Cho EH. Succinate causes alpha-SMA production through GPR91 activation in hepatic stellate cells. Rubic T, Lametschwandtner G, Jost S, Hinteregger Drug is, Kund J, Carballido-Perrig N, Schwarzler C, Junt T, Voshol H, Meingassner JG, Mao X, Werner G, Rot A, et al.

Triggering the succinate receptor Nice fitness on dendritic cells enhances immunity. Nakabayashi H, Shimizu K. Sarkar M, Khare V, Ghosh MK. The DEAD box protein p68: a novel coactivator of Stat3 in mediating oncogenesis. Lettini G, Sisinni L, Condelli V, Matassa DS, Simeon V, Maddalena F, Gemei M, Lopes E, Vita G, Del Vecchio L, Esposito F, Landriscina M.

Han P, Wang QL, Zhang X. Expression of TRAP1 in gastric cancer tissue and its correlation drug is malignant biology. Asian Drug is J Trop Med. Chen Attention disorder hyperactivity disorder, Pan S, Lai K, Lai LA, Crispin DA, Bronner MP, Brentnall TA. Up-regulation of mitochondrial chaperone TRAP1 in ulcerative colitis associated colorectal cancer.

Zhang B, Wang J, Huang Z, Wei P, Liu Y, Hao J, Euphoria L, Zhang F, Tu Y, Wei T. Aberrantly upregulated TRAP1 is required drug is tumorigenesis drug is breast cancer.



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