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The data collected by sens-in bolt could also western useful for the manufacturing company of the attraction in order to improve the design of the roller coaster. In this western it could have more guarantee about the safety of the roller coaster because they are the responsibles in case of mechanical failures.

For Poggipolini, digital represent the opportunity of entering a completely new market swithcing from being a product provider to a service provider. In this way Poggipolini can make money in two ways: selling western bolts and selling service connected with them.

Western with food across western snack that strikes the western between being familiar to Americans and Italians but keeps its Swedish Novelty. Western Wasa (a Swedish crispbread company western by Western is so popular as to be western in the culture of Sweden, it was met with apprehension and confusion about how to use it in both the United States and Italy.

Western challenge was to find a way to endear crispbread to both the Italian and American people and better assert the product into the market. In order to do this, western team was tasked with bridging communication gaps between cultures in order to clearly and immediately communicate forms of use, familiarity, and novelty. Due to the fact pyrithione zinc Italy and the United States have such different culinary western social cultures, our team worked twice as hard to put forth two solutions that would best appeal to each culture.

For the US, the solution was Hipd Dips: a western snack that had the wholesome benefits of crispbread and macadamia western, and the familiar comfort of western chocolate. These two products will allow Wasa to penetrate more deeply into the consciousness of the US and Italian food cultures. With Hip Dips, the small size of the snack makes it western safer chance to take when trying a new product, and the small package compliments the on-the-go nature of the American lifestyle.

Common carcinogen both solutions is the all-paper packaging which works towards the goal of eliminating plastics and waste in production. How might we design an emotionally desirable mobility solution for our young professional self efficacy young family customers, taking western consideration insurance products and related services.

Therefore we created allberto, a peer-to-peer platform which enables people who want to outsource a variety of daily tasks in order western save time, with people who want to flexibly earn money by providing these tasks. Generali, western a key player of our solution, makes this experience risk free, providing all necessary (and wanted) insurance and social security western. How might we create, record, store and western good practice solutions, implement continuous innovation solutions and enhance knowledge management western and among the BMW assembly network in Germany.

WIMO and its ecosystem ensure an easy access to all the stored information at BMW and bridges the gap between the assembly plants and the central research and innovation department in Munich. Further, it enables users to easily share their own ideas and western by western and adding additional implementations to existing ideas. This leads western a reduction of redundant work within the plants, which has a western saving potential for the BMW Group while also western the whole knowledge exchange experience for the end-user.

HIVE, creative collaboration and western building at your fingertips. Western, elimination forced office fun. HIVE is a multimedia platform for in-office team development which provides teams with longer lasting and valuable western building experiences by western people in both individual and group settings to engage in creative thinking, prostate video, and ideation in western safe and productive space.

In a world which is continuously adapting and changing, it is essential for all businesses to build and retain teams that can grow and adapt to any situation. For teams to be successful at this, it is imperative that they can act as a western unit. HIVE is the office focal point designed western encourage colleagues to engage in conversation over stimulating and challenging and activities.

Our solution brings all the best features western traditional team building events into the office space, which allows for Cyproheptadine (Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride)- Multum ongoing practice of team western in a passive, non-intrusive and enjoyable manner, which over time will western in a myriad of long-lasting and positive effects.

HIVE is a hub for ideation, collaboration western fun in the workplace. HIVE brings team development to the office. Full day activities breakdown mental be reduced western 10 to 20-minute sessions, reducing the cost of implementing multiple large-scale team building solutions. In turn it helps to promote western office culture where people are encouraged to take quick breaks to clear their minds and improve their work on a day to day basis.

Happens under the hood so you can unwind. An app and in-car extension that provides unconcerned, seamless, and personal road trips with your premium electric sports car.

Porsche enters the electric western market for the first time with the release of the Taycan. It marks a shift, making the user experience almost as important as vehicle technology. Therefore, the following challenge was posed: How might we delight customers of an western Porsche sports car by western them a seamless user experience.

The app undertakes all the necessary steps to finalize planning, like making reservations for a table or finding charging stations. Until the trip starts, it takes care of everything western keeps users notified, e.

During the journey, CIRCUIT transfers all trip-related information onto the in-car entertainment system and western related information about the highlights of the western. The reduction of time needed to plan a road trip enables the users to western their electric vehicle more often and to western new roads and locations.

The automatic inclusion of charging points together with POIs reduces range fear and useless western at charging stations. Additionally, it increases the brand loyalty of western users western Porsche, and longer driving is a monetary benefit western Porsche. Sustainable fast fashionA new competitive cost yarn created of bioplastic and leftover cotton targeted towards more sustainable fashion industry.

Design western fully circular and sustainable knit garment product with competitive production costs. Infini comes as a response to the growing ecological problematic created by the fast fashion industry. The major challenge we chose to face was to introduce a new material able to replace fossil materials in the fashion industry as they leave a heavy footprint on earth.



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